“All-In-One” Combination Finishing Equipment

In addition to separate feeding, ironing and folding equipment, Chicago offers the world’s widest range of “all-in-one” finishing units in a variety of roll diameter and lengths for a variety of production and floor space requirements. TheCrosStar 36 Combination Ironing “Luxury Line” Finisher is the industry’s fastest and most advanced one-piece finishing system for processing bed and table linen as well as including optional built-in one-person loading and two or four lane small piece folding. The Tri-Star All-In-One Ironer series also offers one-piece units in a choice of 32”, 28” and 24” ironing roll diameters offered in gas or steam heated models with option O.P.L. feeders. Tandem models offer either a 16” or 20” diameter ironing roll and are available in gas, steam or electric models.

Our combination finishing equipment is designed for the commercial laundry facility that has limited floor space but still wishes to produce quality linens that only a Chicago feeding / ironing / folding combo machine can provide.