UniMac Ironers

In the effort to present your customers with a high quality product at the best possible cost, UniMac is proud to provide a line of ironers for your laundry operation. Simple, efficient, and durable is what best describes UniMac engineering designs with these ironers.

Since there are a number of variations and sizes in ironing equipment, we encourage you to look at the features and benefits then contact a sales representative for more information. Southeastern Laundry Equipment would be happy to help size the ironer for your operation.

12″ Electric Flatwork Finisher

  • The perfect ironer for the laundry with space and utility limitations, but desires a productive and high quality ironer
  • Patented flexible chest that mechanically presses the goods over 210 degrees against a 12″ diameter padded roll
  • Fast warm up time of typically three minutes
  • Variable speed frequency drive
  • Digital display and temperature controls are easy to understand and operate
  • Unit is available in a 55″ and a 71″ width

UD Series Heated Roll Flatwork Finishers

  • The UD Series flatwork finishers are available in 8″, 13″, and 20″ diameter heated rolls
  • Available finishing area widths include 55″, 63″, 75″, 78″, 98″ and 126″
  • Depending on the model these units are available in gas, steam, or electric heated rolls
  • Temperature controlled by a thermostatic regulator
  • Polished steel cylinder
  • No wax required
  • No lubrication required
  • Safety guards on the feed belts
  • Very compact size