400 G Force Extraction

The Worlds Fastest Shirt Washer,

Just Got Faster!



hinton9UniMac – the manufacturer of the most popular washer/extractor in Shirt Laundries, just separated itself further from the competition by introducing the 400 G’ Force extraction speeds on the New UWN065T4V washer extractor.

400 G’ Force allows for more water to be removed during extract, and allows for faster pressing times, allowing you to process more shirts per hour.

Another first from UniMac!



Here’s a happy customer:

This letter is in response to the UniMac washer I bought last year

After approximately one year of operation feelings to let you know how this machine improved my laundry operation.   After the installation and programming of my new UniMac washer, which was completed in a timely and professional manner, I found that with the UniMac features such as fast fill, spray rinse and Ultra- high-speed extract, I was able to cut my wash cycles my about 1/3.

With the UniMac programmability I was able to program in features like temperature fill in the first flush and cut down on my chemical usage labor pre-treating collars dramatically.  Also with the spray rinse feature, I have eliminated a chore I had for years.  With the spray rinse I have found that,  not only has it reduced my cost in time and utilities, but I have not had to clean the press heads on my shirt presses since installation.  This is a chore I had to perform almost daily with my previous washer…..

Overall I am very please with the purchase of my UniMac washer extractor from REM Company, Inc.  I feel with the time, utility, labor and replacement parts savings I have experienced in the last year, my new UniMac washer will pay for itself in no time at all.

Tom Hinton


Hinton Cleaners