LZ-Series Centrifuges

As an alternative to an extraction press, Lavatec Laundry Technology offers its LZ-Series of centrifuges. Though all types of laundry can be dewatered with LLT centrifuges, they are particularly suitable for mixed fabrics, garments, poly-cottons and other delicate fabrics. Making LLT centrifuges even gentler on these fabrics is a special nylon synthetic coating applied to the stainless steel spin drums. It prevents fabrics from penetrating and wedging tight into the drum’s perforated holes. This not only makes for easier unloading, but eliminates abrasive damage the holes can cause to delicate fabrics.

  • Solidly and precisely built with extensive computer simulation guidance to eliminate any structural weaknesses
  • For greater layout flexibility, designed-enabled for straight, left or right discharge
  • Controllable extraction speeds and drainage allow for gentle fabric processing
  • Special nylon coating of drum protects fabrics from damage and penetrating into drain perforations
  • Programmable wash codes adjust speed for maximizing extraction efficiency without damaging fabrics
  • Drive propulsion recovery can filter and recycle electricity generated by braking heat
  • Intuitive touch screen controls for easy operation and trouble shooting diagnostics
Models available:
LZ 281 75 pounds
LZ 285 110 pounds
LZ 286S 132 pounds
LZ 290S 198/220 pounds