Downtime Means….

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At REM Laundry Systems, we know that your laundry has to be cleaned upon each checkout.    That’s why we only offer the best laundry and finishing equipment available.   Not only does the equipment have to be able to withstand the abuse that is created within the laundry, but the manufacturers have to have the ability to support us as well.


REM Company, Inc., is based on customer service.

Robert E. Moore, Jr, our founder, said you can have the best machine made, but if you cant back it us with great service and parts, then you have nothing.  As the largest laundry equipment in the region, and a leader in the industry, we are able to choose what products we sell, and we will not sell a machine that does not have the ability and resources to support our service and parts department after the sale.  We put our name on every machine sell before our installers leave the facility.  You can rest assured that if our name is on the machine, then we are extremely confident, that the machine will perform up you both of our standards.



Washer/Extractors – UniMac the best selling Washer/Extractor in North America





Flat Work Finishing – Chicago Dryer  The Worldwide Leader in Flatwork Seperating, Feeding, Ironing & Folding Equipment





Lavatec – the World Leader in Large Washer Extractors. Dryers & Tunnel Washing Systems





B&C Technologies – Quality – Affordable – Mid Size Laundry Equipment