Multi-Load Soft-Mount Washers

We’ve long had our minds on building washers and dryers that last and last. And while dependability still drives all we do, we’re delivering smartly engineered equipment that saves you more energy per load—while giving your customers a faster, friendlier, more convenient experience all around. Discover the variety of options our broad lineup offers you here.

18 lb., Energy Star®; Best Warranty In The Business

Built-To-Last Features

  • Extra-Large 3″ Drain Valve
  • Commercial-Duty Door Handle, Belts And Frame
  • Reliable Die-Cast Door Lock Assembly
  • Durable Sealed Bearings
  • Stainless Steel Top, Front and Sides

For Your Operation

  • Programmable Controls for Adjustable Pricing At Touch of Button
  • Microprocessor Coin-Drop Helps Prevent Slugging
  • Debit Card Compatibility
  • Programmable LCD Digital Display In English, Spanish Or French
  • Self-Diagnostic Feature Cuts Service Costs And Minimizes Downtime

For Your Customers

  • Easy-To-Use One-Touch Cycle Selection
  • Digital Display Shows Time Remaining In Cycle


  • Programmable LCD Digital Display in English, Spanish or French

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