Mid-Performance Industrial Washer-Extractors

Designed for facilities that do not require super-high G-Force extraction, our mid-performance washer-extractors deliver all the benefits of high-performance UW models, but with a maximum 180 – 200 G-Force extraction speed.


  • Seasonal or medium use
  • Part-time, dual-source labor
  • Improved utility costs
  • Small hotel, mid-sized nursing home or fire station use
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Labor – Cost Savings
  • Extraction speeds of up to 200 G-Force
  • Option of Advanced Computer Controls, UniLinc™, or the standard M30
Utility – Cost Savings
  • Frequency Drive System – Provides smooth, reliable power for optimal wash and extract performance
  • Auto Leak Detection – Allows you to identify water leaks before they cost you utilities and downtime
  • M30 Controls – 30 customizable programs to meet your specific needs
Value For Your Money
  • Ability to Run 24/7 – Industrial-grade construction means it can stand the test of time
  • Larger Motor – Compared to a cabinet washer-extractor, the UniMac UW has 67% more horsepower
  • Lowest Cost of Ownership – “Longest Lasting” and “Hardest Working” are more than slogans – they are the results!
  • Easy to Install – Being able to fit through a standard 36″ door and six bolts with vertical-wrench access makes the installation a breeze
Proven Performance
  • The heavy-duty frame weighs twice as much as a cabinet washer-extractor, which means it can handle any job
  • Low-Maintenance V-Belt Drive – Easy to service
  • Heavy-Duty Bearings and Seals – Cylindrical front/spherical rear bearings can handle 200% more force than ball bearings, which means a longer-lasting machine
  • Perforated cylinder ribs maximize wash action
  • Fifty years and thousands of satisfied customers are the best proof of UniMac’s reliability
  • Each washer carries a five-year limited warranty on the frame, basket, shaft, bearings, and seals, which goes into effect should failure or breakage occur during normal operation due to a defect in the material or workmanship that would prohibit its further use. UniMac also issues a three-year warranty to the original purchaser on other parts. Southeastern is proud to offer labor warranties on the equipment we distribute; please speak to your local representative for specific details.