OPTidry™- Realize True OPL Efficiency

Higher utilities. Wasted labor. Linen degradation. These are the costs of over-drying. Cutting-edge OPTidry Over-dry Prevention Technology stops your OPL tumble dryers at the exact moment that your ideal dryness level is reached, eliminating expenses associated with drying loads too long. Sensors running the entire length of each commercial tumble dryer lifter connect to a revolutionary rotary transfer switch to offer incredibly accurate readings throughout the entire load, ensuring that your on-premises laundry stops precisely at your desired dryness level. The result is reduced utility costs, decreased labor expenses and extended linen life.

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Features & Benefits

Cutting-Edge Commercial Tumble Dryer Design

Our revolutionary rotary transfer switch enables the system to sense dryness levels thousands of times per second for ultra-accurate readings.

Larger Sensing Surface

75 lb models offer up to 267 times more surface area for sensing than some competitors.costofoverdrying

Maintenance-Free OPL Tumbler

The industry-exclusive rotary transfer switch doesn’t require brushes or hard contact, giving you maintenance-free, reliable performance.

Eliminates OPL Judgment Calls

The tumble dryer stops automatically when the desired dryness level is reached, preventing staff from making educated guesses.

Step Dry

This convenient feature enables you to use high heat until the load is half dry, then lowers the temperature for the remainder of the cycle until you have reached your specified dryness level.

Dryness Level Settings

Levels ranging from 0 to 40 percent allow you to define each cycle according to your specific needs.